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An Industrial Real Estate Revolution

Macro trends in technology, innovation, and the continued importance of supply-chain efficiency and redundancy will drive a revolution in industrial real estate: the foundation on which tomorrow's scaled, decentralized businesses will deliver products, and ultimately value, to consumers.  The risk of reliance on overseas suppliers has never been as evident, while consumer behaviors are shifting more rapidly than at any time in the past century. 


From ghost kitchens and micro-fulfillment centers for efficient food and grocery delivery, to distribution powered by AI, automated storage and retrieval systems, cloud computing that powers our ever-expanding online experience, and the onshoring of battery and microchip production, today's most progressive industries are driving increasing and sustained demand for industrial space.


Parliament was established to give investors the opportunity to capitalize on these long-term trends through the acquisition of existing small-scale industrial properties in secondary and tertiary growth markets around the country, as demand for industrial space expands to population centers outside of major US markets that have and will continue to attract anchor institutions in innovative and forward-looking industries, like electric vehicles, clean energy, robotics, logistics, aerospace, defense, and others. 


The name "Parliament" comes from my father and grandfather's construction and development company, active from the 1970's through the early 2000's.  Maintaining this legacy, our competitive advantage stems from our hands-on and detail-oriented approach, our focus on building long standing relationships, and our resolute commitment to being the best possible stewards for investor capital.


Please contact us to learn more.

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Sam Hamburger

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